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When the Religious Nutters Get Hold of the Asylum

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - When the extremist religious nutters take hold of things, there will be hell to pay.

Happy Eostre Celebrating Pagan Spring

LUXOR - Egypt - Easter was stolen from the pagan goddess Eostre, and all the elements of the pagan festival adopted by Christianity.

These are Dangerous Times For Jews

LONDON - England - Cyclical forces of hatred are once again on the rise globally fuelling anti-Semitic hatred for the Jewish people.

If You Believe in Jesus You Believe in Supernatural Magical Beings...

LONDON - England - Is it not time that people started to question their unquestioning blind belief in the super powered entity, Jesus Christ, who has no record of ever existing?

Marisa Papen the Free Form Natural Celebration of Beauty Over Restricted...

ISTANBUL - Turkey - Free spirited nudist, Marisa Papen, describes her ventures into the world of man-made religion and its ultimate imprisonment not only of minds, but of women.

Bible Experts: Jesus Smoked Marijuana and Used Cannabis Oil For ‘Miracles’

COLORADO - USA - New findings from religious scholars reveal evidence that Jesus and his disciples smoked cannabis and used cannabis derived oils for miracle cures.

Germans Embracing Islam and Allah

BERLIN - Germany - Thousands of Germans are daily coming around to the glory of Islam, and its inherent peaceful message.

Why Wasn’t There Any Religion Before Humans Existed?

FLORENCE - Italy - Professor Luigi Glaucomo, head of philosophy at Firenze University has written a new literary piece on the ultimate question: "Why Was There No Religion or Gods Before Humans Existed?"

Revealed: Why There is No Mention of America or Australia in...

CANTERBURY - England - Theologians have revealed why an all seeing God in the Bible knew nothing about Australia or America.

Trump: “Why We Need to Ban Christians Too”

NEW YORK - USA - Donald Trump has gone one level further, as well as wanting to ban all Muslims, he is now calling for the banning of all Christians from leaving or entering the United States.

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