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If You Believe in Jesus You Believe in Supernatural Magical Beings That Defy Laws of Physics

LONDON - England - Is it not time that people started to question their unquestioning blind belief in the super powered entity, Jesus Christ, who has no record of ever existing?

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Billions of humans across the globe blindly believe without question that Jesus, a super being could perform miracles on earth and was ultimately the ‘son of god’.

These same people also claim they are of sane mind despite believing in something that has no proof to have ever existed, with no records, its feats defying all science, logic, or physical evidence.

Do these unquestioning believers, entrenched in a Holy Book, written by multiple human authors over hundreds of years, really think that some super being came down from ‘heaven’ borne from a virgin mother, to teach humanity a few lessons, perform elaborate acts of impossible magic, and then flew back up to heaven after he had finished his job? From the mass proliferation of churches worldwide replete with millions of followers, the affirmative can be the only answer.


What of the scientist who still believes that this super deity came to earth and could walk on water, and cure leprosy with the click of a finger, as well as magically disappear into ‘heaven’ afterwards? Is the scientist a scientist any more? Surely, he cannot be.

What of politicians, educators, business leaders and royals attending churches and praying to Jesus? These people are meant to be our rulers, they are meant to be sane of mind, educated and logical, yet here they believe without question and bow at the altar of a fictitious fantasy superhero character created by wholly anonymous writers thousands of years ago. It is very hard to respect these people ever again, simply because their base belief system is one of complete fantasy, illogical, unscientific insanity. In this respect, they are insane, because they believe in fairy tales, and they are supposed to be pillars of society but in scientific reality, these people are mentally unstable dangerous individuals.


It is this illogical madness that strikes a chord in our collective consciousness, and possibly defines Western society even today. There is no logical explanation to blind belief apart from the force of habit being employed by these people, they are generationally processed, indoctrinated to attend church. It is now a tradition. Further reasons may also include familiarity, and the family, as well as emotional help in hard times. These reasons do hold some scientific logical understanding, because in times of great need humans do like to think there is some greater force that surrounds them, however the universe should not be denigrated and lowered to the level of some fictitious character who could turn water into wine, walk on water, converse with the devil, bring the dead back to life, and feed 5,000 people with a single loaf of bread.


Jesus Christ never existed, yet you still believe in him without question. We know that atoms exist because we can see them under electron microscopes, we know Julius Caesar existed because of multiple pieces of solid evidence, records, materials, written accounts. We know that the Roman Emperors, Pythagoras, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Elizabeth I, Napoleon Bonaparte all existed from their life records and material evidence.

The church has gone to great lengths to try to prove the existence of Jesus Christ, even coming up with the Turin Shroud, a proven fake. To this day, people still believe the crown of thorns in the Notre Dame are the same worn by the fictitious deity.

What of the minds of the assorted priests and bishops who daily perform their tricks learned over thousands of years? They guard a very sacred lie, and they frolic around in their frocks fooling millions of people year after year. These people are indoctrinated to a point of belief that is gargantuan, and they simply transmit this hypnotic state of blind belief on to their equally blind accepting congregation, robbing them of their money while acting out their rituals.

In a scientific and technical age, there is no doubt that Jesus Christ never existed, and even if someone of that name ever did, they were not some supernatural superior being with magical powers the X-Men would be proud of. There is absolutely no proof that Jesus did exist, and it is to this end, the West must at some point acknowledge this fact. If it however does not, it will eventually fall from its own folly to not close down the churches and denounce the falsities spewed out for hundreds of years. Much war, ignorance and pain will be averted by revealing Christianity as what it is — an elaborate hoax played out for millennia based on falsities and fantastic lies.

As to the central point of Love, did people not love before the man-made creation of religions like Christianity? The so-called pagans did love, and were also compassionate. These human elements were simply hijacked by a singular club to create their own exclusive religion called Christianity.

If we are going to have buildings of worship, have them of places of peace where humans can explore the universal, mathematical, science of physics and all forms of technological knowledge. This is the truth that actually touches the whole of humanity and not nonsensical medieval magic tricks that are now outdated fairy tales.

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