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Happy Eostre Celebrating Pagan Spring

LUXOR - Egypt - Easter was stolen from the pagan goddess Eostre, and all the elements of the pagan festival adopted by Christianity.

Bible Historians Uncover Scripture Revealing That Jesus Could Not Swim

JERUSALEM - Israel - According to a new archaeological find, Jesus Christ could not swim, but was proficient in the art of walking on water.

Bishop Proposes Working Brothel to Entice People into Cathedral

ROCHESTER - England - After a series of failed attempts to entice people into the cathedral, the Bishop is proposing brothels.

If You Believe in Jesus You Believe in Supernatural Magical Beings...

LONDON - England - Is it not time that people started to question their unquestioning blind belief in the super powered entity, Jesus Christ, who has no record of ever existing?

Thanks to Facebook Live Streaming – New Zealand Massacre All Over...

CHRISTCHURCH - New Zealand - Thanks to social networks like Facebook, livestreaming massacres spread far and wide across the internet.

Theologians: Jesus May Have Turned Water into Scotch Malt Whisky

ROME - Italy - New parchments discovered by theologians prove that Jesus also changed water into whisky.

#MeToo Bible Experts: Mary Was Impregnated By God Without Her Will...

BETHLEHEM - Palestine - Bible experts who adhere to #MeToo are saying that God had sex with Mary without her consent and raped her to birth Jesus.

The Slow Death of Infowars and its Right Wing White Christian...

TEXAS - USA - Infowars has effectively been purged from the major tech controlled web hubs.

Bible Experts: Jesus Smoked Marijuana and Used Cannabis Oil For ‘Miracles’

COLORADO - USA - New findings from religious scholars reveal evidence that Jesus and his disciples smoked cannabis and used cannabis derived oils for miracle cures.

Germans Embracing Islam and Allah

BERLIN - Germany - Thousands of Germans are daily coming around to the glory of Islam, and its inherent peaceful message.

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