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Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Armed Priests in Massive U.S. Church Shoot-out

CALABASAS - USA - Fifteen heavily armed priests from two neighbouring churches in a small town have been involved in a massive shoot out lasting for over five hours and involving over thirty police officers.

Christianity Experts: “You Missed Him, Jesus Came Back Years Ago”

MISSISSIPPI - USA - Theological experts have finally revealed that Jesus Christ came back to earth five years ago but left soon after. Only a few people noticed his return and his departure.

Italian Scientists: "Jesus Looked Like a Medieval European Man"

TURIN - Italy - Scientists sponsored by the Roman Catholic Church have revealed new fascinating facts that Jesus looked exactly like a medieval artist's depiction of a European man during the Middle Ages.

New Turin Shroud Dinosaur Clue Revealed

ALABAMA - USA - Scientists researching the Turin Shroud have revealed startling evidence about the ancient artefact that has stunned the world.

Scientists Prove Jesus Walked with Dinosaurs

PETERSBURG - Kentucky - A panel of prominent scientists and paleontologists have discovered new groundbreaking evidence that Jesus walked with dinosaurs.

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