Think Tank: “Why It is Impossible For Christian West to Win Any Invasion on an Islamic Nation”

HELMAND PROVINCE - Afghanistan - The West is deluded when they think they can ever win a war against any predominantly Muslim country, a prominent think tank has summised.

“The only way the West can win is by nuclear methods of total eradication of an Islamic country and the people populating it. I think the commanders who invaded these Middle Eastern countries are totally misguided and do not understand the nature of Islam. It is all pervasive and even though the West may infiltrate tiny pockets of the land, they can never win over the whole country or people, ideologically, militarily, economically or politically. There are simple reasons for this: a) Everyone is a Muslim b) They will never capitulate to Christians c) Regular Infantry based military force does not work d) Every Muslim person in the invaded Islamic country will fight and never assimilate to the Christian West,” Dr. Roger Eavison, for the Military Strategy think tank revealed in a recent report.

One only needs to read Machievelli’s The Prince to understand how taking over whole nations cannot be achieved when dealing with Islamic based entities. Christian nations can be invaded and conquered if certain principalities are sympathetic to the invaders, however with an Islamic system, the whole nation has to conquered in one go. The insideous all pervasive nature of Islam, thus makes it impossible to take over the nation unless the whole population is cleansed completely.

“You would have to kill every man, woman, child and dog in an Islamic nation to take it over. That is the only way. The Western commanders and controllers of these invasions are totally short sighted to think that they can bring Democracy and Western rule to any Islamic nation. Sure, there can be Islamic tribal factions that can be paid off temporarily but that is not a long term solution within sectarian Muslim nations where the majority rule and people adhere to the Islamic religion,” Dr. Eavison added.

There are relatively moderate cultures who follow Islam, for example modern Turkey which was reformed by Kemal Ataturk in the early 20th century, however these reforms are slowly being lost by the prominent Islamic government of today under Erdogan. Turkey, under Islamic rule was never successfully invaded or conquered throughout history despite many invasions by the West.

The report cites that religion is a key element to warfare and invasion even today.

“Under George W. Bush, who is supposedly a staunch Christian, the U.S. invaders were viewed by Muslims as Christian Crusaders. George W. Bush did not deny that his war was that of a Christian Crusader and he attempted to conquer large swathes of the Middle East. The consequence of his actions only created more ‘Jihad’ and anger towards the invading Christian West and embroiled American forces in an insurgency led quagmire. The Bush regime fuelled the resentment and anger in the Middle East and created even more war and hardship. Maybe, this is what the Bush regime wanted?”

The West is therefore embroiled in an expensive never-ending perpetual war against Islam which in conventional terms, is militarily unattainable. The only way for the West to win against Islam is to kill and murder every single Muslim existing in the world.

America has only been a nation for 225 years, and the Islamic nations have been around for thousands. They have all the time in the world to wait, to sap the energy of the West. Already, the US is showing serious signs of economic unrest, and their expensive crusading missions of ‘Democratic Christian’ assimilation cost vast sums of money which they do not have anymore.

“The West’s wars on Islamic nations are bankrupting their own coffers. China and Russia stand to gain from this as they increase their economic and military capabilities while the United States is embroiled in quick sand. Printing money to make their dollars even more worthless and artificially inflating their stock markets. When inflation hits and they cannot pay their $17 Trillion deficit’s interest, let alone their massive social security bills; the invaded Islamic countries, who have played the long game, learned over thousands of years, will just sit back and watch the show,” a man playing backgammon in a Cairo coffee shop told the BBC World Service.