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Graveyard of Empires: Afghanistan Beats British, Russians, Americans

HELMAND - Afghanistan - The retreat of a defeated United States after a useless 20-year campaign is another notch in the country's warrior-led nation.

George H. Bush Father of September 11, Iraq War and Freedom...

TEXAS - USA - Former U.S. President, George H. Bush has sadly died today at the age of 94, leaving behind a large dynasty and legacy.

Trump Needs His Own Pearl Harbor 911 Event to Unite Country

WASHINGTON D.C. – USA – Although Trump won the U.S. General Election in 2016 amongst a sweeping storm of populism, he is still relatively unpopular, especially amongst the press, and the rest of the country who are designated as Democrats (American socialists).

Privileged Actress Gives Up Wealth and Status to Live in Afghanistan

LONDON - England - Carey Mulligan, a deeply socialist actress has vowed to donate all her millions and go and live in Afghanistan.

U.S. Bombing: Patients Burned Alive in Their Hospital Beds

KUNDUZ - Afghanistan - Patients burned alive in a hospital after being bombed by U.S. jets killing 19 people.

Cameron Mission Accomplished Afghanistan

HELMAND - Afghanistan - British troops can come home from Afghanistan knowing it was mission accomplished, David Cameron has said as he visited the country.

Think Tank: “Why It is Impossible For Christian West to Win...

HELMAND PROVINCE - Afghanistan - The West is deluded when they think they can ever win a war against any predominantly Muslim country, a prominent think tank has summised.

Thousands Afghans Surge to Join Afghan Army to Shoot Americans

KABUL - Afghanistan - NATO has noted a huge surge in numbers of Afghans who want to enlist in the Coalition controlled Afghan army.

British Troops Told to Finish Training Afghan Troops to Kill British...

HELMAND - Afghanistan - British commanders have vowed to finish the British mission of training Afghan soldiers to kill British troops more efficiently.

Gay U.S. Marines Fancy Taliban Fighters

KABUL - Afghanistan - Openly gay US marines are so infatuated by the Taliban that they are even compiling websites and posters of their favourite fighters.

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