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Trump Needs His Own Pearl Harbor 911 Event to Unite Country

WASHINGTON D.C. – USA – Although Trump won the U.S. General Election in 2016 amongst a sweeping storm of populism, he is still relatively unpopular, especially amongst the press, and the rest of the country who are designated as Democrats (American socialists).

Pentagon strategist, Bart Neuhammer, reveals some tried and tested techniques that work on the population, time and time again.

“Any unpopular leader needs to either harness the uniting power of a national catastrophe or terrorist attack to bolster their power base. This is crucial in also bringing forth further inhibitive laws, because the fearful people and congress will accept anything to keep themselves ‘safe’.

“If it was not for Pearl Harbour, the U.S. would not have joined the war in 1941. If it was not for 911, the U.S. would not have invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, and created many laws inhibiting human freedoms in the country.

“This is why Trump and his team have to engineer an opportunity to profit from an event, or as G.W. Bush did, allow it to occur by telling all the military safeguards to stand down on the day. Maybe another gas attack in Syria where civilians are seen in distress.

“After the event takes place, there will be a huge patriotic response and Trump will be vindicated. The triumphant leader will have his position sealed for the history books.

“War is the medicine for change, as only true change is achieved by the means of extreme violence.”

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