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U.S. Bombing: Patients Burned Alive in Their Hospital Beds

KUNDUZ - Afghanistan - Patients burned alive in a hospital after being bombed by U.S. jets killing 19 people.

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Imagine lying in a hospital bed trying to recover, next thing you know you are being burned alive as wave after wave of missiles slam into your hospital. You try to get up as the flames burn through your flesh and the heat melts your skin, there is nothing you can do now but close your eyes and slowly burn to death in agony.

Yesterday, U.S. jets and drones bombarded a known hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan killing 19 patients and hospital staff from Medecins Sans Frontier.

If the bombing had been committed by the Russians there would be a large media circus capitalising on this incident, but in this case only a few news outlets have even mentioned the atrocity.

Please donate to Medecin Sans Frontier: http://www.msf.org.uk/


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