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New World Policeman: Syrian Conflict Soon Over Thanks to Russia

DAMASCUS - Syria - Not only have the Russians precipitated the beginning of the end of the ongoing Syrian conflict but they have taken the crown of the world's policeman from the United States.

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After flying over 60 sorties over Syria including a devastating bunker buster bomb on the main ISIS command centre in Raqqa, there is not much else to do apart from clean up.

Desertions from ISIS are rumoured to be increasing daily with over 700 reported yesterday.

Without their main command centre (funded and supported by whoever) ISIS are like a decapitated cobra writhing around in the Syrian sand dunes.

“It’s safe to say that Russia has successfully finished the job that Washington, for whatever reason prolonged. To say Washington is pissed is an understatement, the Russians have made the Obama administration look like a bunch of amateurs in less than a week. Don’t talk to me about Langley, those guys now have permanent steam coming out of their ears. Syria is now gone. America lost to Russia again, and all that hard work and expensive funding went up in smoke. Well done Obama,” Colonel D. Sanders, a retired Kentucky Fry eating dude told CNN.

We have a new world policeman, and it’s not the United States any more, thanks to Obama.


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