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Why Swedish Girls Are Biggest Prize For Illegal Migrants into EU

THE BORDER - Croatia - Millions of predominantly male migrants from the Middle East and Africa are heading for Sweden, for a very good reason -- the girls.

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Blonde, blue eyed, pale skin and bodies that would make Amazonions green with envy, there is serious delight in the eyes of the millions of men crossing the Croatian and Hungarian borders en route to Sweden.

No Lagom

“I don’t care about the free apartment, free food and money to spend, all you have to do is a Google image search for Swedish girls and you will see the delightful women waiting for us with open arms. In a few years time the waters will have been darkened as we get to work,” Abdullah Jamil, from Lahore, Pakistan revealed on the Hungarian border.

The resourceful Swedes are even handing out guide books on how to have sex with Swedish people for the illegal migrants crossing the borders into the country.

Sweden is now an EU country where the population rise is set for a boom in the coming years.

Indeed, the pull factor is overwhelming and the internet has been an amazing eye opener for some cultures that have very closed Islamic societies.

“The EU has opened their arms to us, and here we are coming. I’ve seen whole villages cleaned out at home. As soon as they say come, we are already gone. We must of course thank the Swedish socialists for their welcome and the young ladies who will be greeting us. I can’t wait to get stuck in, It’s like IKEA except with pussy, and they’re socialists so they cannot say no,” another migrant yelped whilst making crude actions with his hips.


The migrants do have a point about socialists, they do not say no to anything, and this is the catch, their daughters are free game for the millions of blonde-lust driven men with wild eyes and straining testosterone fuelled trousers crossing the EU borders looking to park themselves on a lithe blonde socialist nymph who cannot say no, especially as the migrants do not even understand what the word ‘no’ means.

Having spent their lives in Islamic countries there is finally a light in the tunnel, a Swedish tunnel.

“You see this?” migrant points to unsightly bulge in trousers, “It’s coming to Sweden!”

You are all welcome. Come.

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  1. Damn I’m going to pretend to be a refugee so I can go to Sweden and get stuck into a mountain of pussy, Wowoweewah!!!!!

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