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As the Bell Tolls – The Death of Britain is Upon Us

LONDON - England - Say goodbye to Britain. As the bell tolls for the last time, the death of Britain is finally upon us.

Cherish the final days of Britain and its sovereignty, as the augurs of doom and Armageddon loom upon this once great land. The leftist Marxists will pull the very fabric of this hallowed land to pieces bit by bit, the equally Marxist eco-zealots will forcibly dismantle this once industrious nation and throw it into a ditch of economic destruction.

Britain is now nearing the necropurulent point of becoming a destitute nation, an Empire already lost, and now the fabric of its union eviscerated for the vultures of doom to feast on with voracity.

Gone are the days of British ingenuity and exploration, of scientific discovery and of economic milestones enriching the nation with treasures and conquered lands. We will soon not even have the Pound Sterling as the bedlamite Labour Marxists adopt the euro for full integration with the Soviet EU.

Britain will not be a country any more, it will be a zone in the EU, it will be a number just like all the other capitulated and defeated former nations eaten up by the Belphegor EU monstrosity who have completely lost their sovereignty and rights to determine their future.

All is now lost, the dark satanic mills of the Industrial Revolution were a milestone in Britain’s projection into the future, but now they will be supplanted by even darker satanic mills from the European Union who will take over Britain, selling off our assets and wealth to the industrial autocrats of the collectivist EU.

In England’s green and pleasant land, the gentle winding brooks and rolling clouded hills will be concreted over so that the illegal migrants who will flock to these shores can live in garish soviet grey blocks stretching for mile after mile.

Enjoy your last days here on this land, for soon it will be mired by horror, destruction and an insipid dripping illutible evil that will taint every fabric of your being.

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