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Election Interference: Don’t Bother Searching For Trump or Farage on the Internet

SILICON VALLEY - USA - We are seeing the usual election interference by a certain all encompassing internet search monopoly company.

As per usual, the election interference and bias is at epidemic levels during the campaign season.

A Media Research investigation has found that when searching for a candidate’s name with “presidential race 2024,” Joe Biden’s campaign website is the top result, while Donald Trump’s campaign website doesn’t even appear on the first page. It is as if Trump does not exist. The same goes for the UK’s election, with Nigel Farage not even appearing on the third page of the biased monopoly’s search result.

Of course, the exact same thing happened in the 2020 elections, and this insidious evil monopoly is simply repeating its disgraceful cowardly actions during the 2024 election period.

Biased technology monopolies have a key role in shaping public opinion and access to information. A democratic election should have a level playing field for voters to choose their candidates and receive information about them, but under the biased and skewed results of this monopoly’s search, not only is democracy being subverted, but the entire election process is being destroyed.

Election interference

Search result rankings are very important in the digital age. The only internet search monopoly commands a global market share of over 96 percent in the search engine space, and its deliberate manipulation of search results directly influences public perception and elections. This overbearing octopus-grip over all information could thus be called a near monopoly in its operation of its search bias.

No more democracy – elections cannot function properly

Is there any point in having elections any more when only one single political side or candidate is allowed to be seen and heard? Isn’t democracy meant to be a fair discussion between many political parties and ideologies? We are now witnessing the wholesale destruction and perversion of our electoral process by an entity that has an octopus grip over the globe’s information. This is why we now limit our electoral articles because there is absolutely no point in writing them because no one will see them.

Even if a voter may not agree, or agree, with another party’s or candidate’s beliefs or opinions, they should still be given the right to hear what they say in an election.

We can safely state that there is no democracy any more, not in the USA or in the UK. There has not been any democracy in the EU for decades so that area is discounted from the discussion. When any organisation with such a monopoly and responsibility acts with this level of cowardice and malice, it is a disgrace to any form of democratic integrity.

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