Native Americans Will Have The Land Back One Day

SOUTH DAKOTA - USA - The Daily Squib has had exclusive access to a native American tribe leader who spoke to us on condition of anonymity. We travelled on foot to an area deep inside an Indian reservation.

Here is the transcript from the tribal leader who lives in a reservation far from any city or town.

DS: It is a great honour to be speaking with you great Chief whose ancestors once roamed the great plains of America.

Chief: Yes, we roamed the plains, we hunted, we fished, but we never disturbed. We respect nature and give back what we take to survive. That is not the case today and the last 400 years. Our ancestors passed on their secret knowledge about the universe and it survived the mass murder by the white man. We still hold this knowledge today.

DS: Has the white man brought anything to you and your people that is positive?

Chief: No. Nothing. Our shamans foresee worse to come, for what they have done to this earth, corrupted everything, poisoned all things, they will lose everything faster than a blink of an eagle’s eye. Their greed and evil will be their own undoing. Then we shall have the freedom of the land once again, it is not our land, but we shall once again roam the plains and forests, the creeks and the deserts.¬†They used to call us savages, but what they have done is worse.


DS: What kind of timeline are we talking about?

Chief: Very soon my friend. I cannot say in your years, but when it comes you will know about it. There will not be much time and it will be fast and the years after the event, if you survive, there will be much hardship.

DS: What can those who are knowledgeable and in tune with the earth’s sacred spirit do to prepare?

Chief: You must first prepare your mind, for what you will see will not seem real. You must prepare your soul, make it strong, and you must prepare your skills, in nature. Brave. We have been waiting for centuries for our ancestors saw what is to come. It is a waiting game but the Native Americans have all the time in the world the white man has not.

DS: You run a pretty successful casino here in the reservation.

Chief: Yes, we are using the white man’s greed to sustain ourselves. There are many surviving tribes like us who know what is in limitless supply. White man’s greed. We then take their money and use it to prepare for what is to come. These people are not spiritually connected to the earth. We will survive, they will not.

DS: Thank you for your words of wisdom great chief. That was the last question in the interview.

Chief: Now smoke this pipe and think of the task ahead. America is dying from within. The time of purification and renewal is coming. Peace be with you.