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Umpqua Shooter Shot Christians Yet Idolised Christian Catholic IRA

OREGON - USA - College shooter, Christopher Harper Mercer, idolised the IRA which in essence is a Catholic nationalist paramilitary group who are fighting against Northern Ireland's Protestant Christians and the English in mainland Britain.

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According to news reports the gunman in Thursday’s mass shooting at an Oregon community college specifically targeted Christians, three witnesses said, while online accounts linked to the shooter expressed disdain for organized religion.

From the limited information being released for whatever agenda by the authorities, it is therefore a viable conclusion that Christopher Harper Mercer was just a very confused person because he targeted Christians yet idolised a Christian Catholic terrorist group.

Our conclusion, the shooter was a simplistic idiot of the highest order, but a useful idiot for an agenda which will no doubt be a good addition to the anti-gun faction.

One must also understand that the standard of education in America at state level is extremely poor and millions of Americans are totally misinformed, holding simplistic skewed black and white views based on ignorance about any given subject matter, therefore adding guns and prescription drugs into this unholy mix makes for a deadly soup of bullets and violence.

Here is a video of sectarian violence between Loyalist Ulster Protestant Christians against Catholic Christian Republican children and parents going to the Holy Cross school in Ardoyne, Northern Ireland, 2001. This video highlights the terror and hatred that religious factions mete upon themselves on a daily basis, where even sects within the Christian religion display brutal violent behaviour.


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  1. Nice try, but the IRA also hated Protestant Christians, so the IRA glorification does not preclude hatred of Christians.

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