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SEO for Dummies: 4 Easy Ways to Improve

MANCHESTER - England - Anyone who has a web presence needs to know some SEO. Here are 4 SEO for dummies ways to improve.

If you’re inexperienced when it comes to SEO, don’t worry, a lot of people are! Fortunately, increasing traffic to your website is simpler than you might imagine. Keep reading to learn five easy ways to up your SEO game, even if you’re just starting out and getting to know the basics of how it all works.

Improve your rankings, boost your numbers, and watch how everything else starts falling into place.

Make Yourself Seen

pexels-damien-lusson-160123991-10787852SEO is all about being seen online, and there are a few ways you can make this happen.

Websites that link to yours are called backlinks. These links bolster your website’s popularity and credibility in the eyes of search engines. Essentially, backlinks can be super valuable because they improve your website’s exposure and make you look like more of an authority.

Many newbies (and even professionals) find it helpful to work with an agency to help them get the best results. If you’re in Manchester and looking for a good local SEO agency, Dark Horse is a great option.

Finding the Right Words

pexels-olia-danilevich-8145247 (1)What you type into a search engine when you’re looking for some information is known as a keyword, and this is the foundation of how SEO works.

You need to figure out what keywords will lead your audience to your website, and try to include them in all your text in the most natural way possible. You can use various tools and software to help you find relevant and useful (but not too competitive) keywords. You’ll want to add those keywords into your website content as much as possible without looking forced or fake.

Boost Your Page’s Appearance

Your online audience will decide what to click on based on factors like the titles and meta descriptions of their search results. This means that your title needs to be descriptive, enticing, and contain your primary keyword.

Properly describing your page and its contents in a way that entices your readers to click is essential. This is why, on top of a relevant title, you also need to summarize your page’s content and why someone would want to visit it, using around 150 characters, and keep your content well-structured and organized for the benefit of both the search engines and your audience!

Content is King

pexels-olia-danilevich-8145258Finally, remember to make content that people can actually use. Write blog posts, record video content, or post images that will benefit your audience in some way that is connected to your keywords.

This is important because you don’t just want people to click on your site, you want them to actually stay there. You need to make use of keywords, but remember that the needs of your audience should always come first, and your content needs to be relevant, useful, and engaging. Working with a good writer is essential if you want your tactics to stick.

Aligning your SEO efforts with genuinely good content can be a fine balancing act, but the results will be worth the thought you put into it.

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  1. Our company spends $10,000 on SEO every month and we still are bottom of the page. We need to find another company that does a better job. Will look into it.


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