5p Plastic Bag Tax So You Spend Less at the Shops

LONDON - England - The 5p plastic bag tax brought in today is designed to make you spend less in the shops and supermarkets the government has declared.


Alan Jobsworth, the engineer of the 5p plastic bag tax was adamant that the bag tax is the right way to go.

“You won’t want to buy as much stuff now because you’ll either have no bags or one bacteria laden overused bag produced by a young child labourer in Indonesia which does not fit much in it.

“You can go to a shop and buy one item, that’s easily carried, but depending on the items you would have purchased if you had free bags, you just won’t any more. Give it a miss. This is a good way of reducing consumerism and needless consumption.”

If you can’t carry it, don’t buy it

Going to do the shopping is expensive as it is in Britain as most items have 20% VAT lopped onto the already excruciatingly expensive price, add in the massive mark ups in rip-off Britain where everything is 40-50% dearer than the rest of the world and you have a recipe for low sales within the retail and supermarket sector. This is why the 5p plastic bag tax will reduce sales across the board.

Remember buy less and only what you really need. Better still don’t buy anything at all.