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Saturday, January 16, 2021
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I’ve Got Tiers Rolling Down My Cheeks

LONDON - England - Tiers are now being used by the desperate government to portion off parts of the country infected by Covid-19.

Children to be Sent Over the Top of Trenches Because of...

LONDON - England - Children are being sacrificed by governmental experts and selfish parents ordered into virus infected classrooms.

There Will Come a Time Soon When Governments Will Not Be...

LONDON - England - There is only so much any government can do for its population, and soon there will come a point when it cannot help any more.

This is Not How the Apocalypse Should Be

LONDON - England - The apocalypse seems to be a completely ordered and calm, slow break down in society.

Election 2020: Trump Could Lose to Biden

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The former Teflon Don, Trump has been somewhat de-Teflonized since the beginning of the year, and could lose to Biden in November.

Lockdown End: Swarms Back on the Streets

LONDON - England - The swarms of people are back on the streets, and the traffic jams are back pumping poison back into the atmosphere. Coronavirus for many has now ended.

Global Stock Markets Set For Next Leg Down

LONDON - England - Panic stricken national economies are opening their businesses again prematurely which will precipitate the second wave of coronavirus. Stock markets meanwhile will take another leg down, factoring in the idiocy.

Unfortunately the Coronavirus Pandemic Will Change Little

LONDON - England - The temporary respite on the environment with the coronavirus lockdown will not last as global economies gear up to restart their monstrous polluting operations.

Think Tank: China Deserves Pariah Status and Severe Economic Sanctions

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The International Sanctions think-tank reveals the very valid reasons why China should be treated with pariah status immediately from the global community.

EU to Take Billions UK Taxpayers Cash to Pay Brussels Virus...

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU is demanding that Britain pays billions of pounds of UK taxpayers money into an EU Martial Plan for their own economic recovery.

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