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Turning the Clock Back to Austerity, Low Growth and No Brexit

LONDON - England - The Tories are turning the clock back to austerity, low growth and no Brexit.

By rewinding Big Ben and turning the clock back to the horrid David Cameron years of insipid austerity, pitiful EU brown-nosing and a low growth flaccid economy, Rishi Sunak is not only digging his own grave but the grave of the Tory Party. Austerity means poverty.

Instead of bigging-up the economy, lowering taxes, inviting foreign business and lifting the country after it supposedly broke free from the punitive EU chains, Sunak is reverting to the morose austerity years where poverty increased in the UK and where Britain floundered economically barely keeping its head above the waters.

There is a severe sickness in Britain today, it is a sickness brought on by decades of poor leadership and a morose, divisive outlook. It is not only the Tories who should be blamed for this malaise, but the Labour Party, the Bank of England, and the civil service underneath that has powered this negative drive to the bottom.

Where is the will to succeed and to excel above all expectations, where is the drive to pull Britain forward, to increase manufacturing, to mine for more oil, to extend Britain’s reach across the globe, to trade with the globe etc.?

Britain needs a third political party to express this new age of Empire. Britons need to be proud of their nation, and to be rewarded for their service. We need to instil an Empire ideology in our children and education system, to be proud of the British Empire in the past and in the future.

We need to bring back the idea of Britannia, to begin building ships again en masse, to increase our military to the highest levels of funding. We need to bring back military service and the draft to instil a purpose in the young, and to honour veterans as they should be honoured. To bring back the glory and honour of serving your country, and to bring back the innovators who invented pretty much everything the globe knows now.

Technologically, Britain must seek to build its own Google, its own YouTube and to innovate far beyond the levels of Silicon Valley. Britain must build its own Amazon, Ebay and Facebook. We must reward entrepreneurs as the USA has done with people like Musk, to not only build for terrestrial use but extra terrestrial. The amount of minerals and valuable rare materials that can be mined from asteroids and meteors is unfathomable in wealth creation.

Fuck net-zero. It means the death of an economy. Do you think China gives a shit about net-zero when it is building 100 coal-powered power stations per week?

Does Britain want to move forward or backwards? Fuck David Cameron and fuck Rishi Sunak, and fuck Jeremy Hunt. Fuck Labour, they have no clue what they want or can achieve. We need a political party that values Britain, and wants to propel the country into the fucking stratosphere of innovation and economic riches. Turning the clock back to David Cameron’s limp years will only hurt Britain.

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