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Do Transgender Women Prove That Men Can Do Things Better?

LONDON - England - If all men are equal to women, why are feminists and ordinary women so afraid of transgender women in female sports?

According to feminists men are equal to women, however if this is the case why are these same women so scared of transgender women competing in women’s sports?

When a huge six-foot eight hulking man who identifies as a woman enters a weightlifting competition for women, there is outrage from feminists and ordinary women. Why?

Women can do everything men can do and are better at everything, so what is the problem of a man disguised as a woman cosmetically, competing in women’s sports?

In this respect, it can be deduced that women are not equal to men in many respects and that without the mental and physical superiority of men, the world would be a worse place.

Women therefore need to appreciate men as they used to once upon a time many eons ago. Feminists need to shut the fuck up and women should get back to their original roles as home-makers. It is ironic that it took men in dresses (transgender women) for these facts to be realised.

N.B — Immediately after writing this article, the author was hunted down and cancelled from all of modern society.

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  1. Why can’t we all get along? Men can do certain things better than women and vice versa women can do certain things better than men. I mean stop screwing with nature and biology, these “social engineers” are insane control freaks and dictators who need to be reined in and shown the door.

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