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£8.95 For a Loaf of Bread Britain

LONDON - England - Thanks to the punitive taxation and anti-growth policies of the current socialist Tory government, Britain is doomed to more inflation and interest rate rises.

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The high tax and spend Socialist Tory Party led by unelected autocrats Rishi Sunak and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt along with their morose policies only increases inflationary pressures whilst meting out destitution to businesses and consumers. How much are you prepared to pay for a loaf of bread, or butter, or some eggs?

Burnt toast

There is no halt in the continuing misery of living in Britain today as interest rates continue to rise, not only because of the destructive policies from the government but from the Bank of England. This is why there is little or no optimism for the coming new year, because the foundations of economic suicide have already been sown by Hunt and the deluded caught-in-the-headlights pen pushers looking at outdated charts.

Lest we forget the aspirations of Liz Truss who had an inkling of the right way to revive the economy until her policies of low taxation were killed off by EU powers and money in the markets. Brexit Britain must not be a success, and the powers-that-be, will ensure it is not. The Tory remoaner plot to dump Boris effectively sealed the party’s fate of an inevitable loss at the next general election.

Instead, what we have now is a nation where there is little incentive to work or start a business. What’s the fucking point when you will have the majority of your money taxed? Businesses are folding daily as the electricity bills alone murder their profit margins, and many are fearful of putting up their prices to compensate for the increases in production and materials, let alone tax or interest rates.

Brexit is now a thing of the past, especially as the Brexiteers have been purged from the Cabinet. But what is Brexit when British law is superseded by the ECHR? Britain needs to bring the Great back into the country, but the government is now a sinking ship. Where Britain sailed the oceans of the past and led the world in innovation, it is floundering under the shackles of Big Government with taxes upon taxes, and still shackled to the EU law courts. Forty thousand illegal immigrants came over the Channel in rubber fucking dinghies in 2022. The shackled government under the auspices of the ECHR could do fuck all but put these poor trafficked economic migrants in hotels and feed them Domino’s pizza at a cost of £10 million per day billed to the taxpayer. If the government refuses to leave the ECHR, then how about building offshore static ships where the illegal migrants could be held and not be tied to any laws? If there is no deterrent, then they will keep on coming. In 2023, it is projected that 150,000 illegal migrants will be trafficked, simply because it is a growth business for the human traffickers.

As the strikes continue, and they will only continue into the new year; as the throttled businesses crumble, as the homeowners lose their homes, as the government dithers and dathers, there will be no respite to this malaise. What does the unelected billionaire Sunak care about the homeless or the hard-working business owners who have already lost everything or now stand to lose everything?

Former Tory voters have already moved on, as have the majority of Brexiteers. There will be a new party to vote for in the coming election, and it won’t be Tory or Labour.

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