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China Prepping to Release Covid Pandemic Wave 2.0?

BEIJING - China - Could we be about to see a new Covid pandemic wave 2.0 as millions of Chinese are infected and dying from a possible new, even more deadly pathogen?

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It’s receiving minimal news in the media, but what is happening in China with a massive spike in Covid infections is a serious matter. Whatever it is, whatever pathogen this is, it cannot be ignored due to its magnitude and how it will affect the world. Are we about to see another gift from China — Covid pandemic wave 2.0?

The CCP are used to great purges, and communist regimes have no qualms in purging millions of people if it means they stay in power. Chairman Mao casually murdered 55 million of his people for The Great Leap Forward. Stalin murdered millions, and Pol Pot cleansed Cambodia with the Khmer Rouge. What is worrying now is that China views things globally and not nationally.

The Chinese Politburo are looking to cleanse foreign countries to move their own people into lands that are not severely polluted and overcrowded like China. This will require that entire nations will have to be cleansed first before the remaining Chinese populations can take over and move in.

Covid 2.0 will be China’s final solution. We have had the initial test phase of creating the first global pandemic, but now could be a second phase to introduce a pathogen with 80 or 90% effectiveness in killing humans. Who knows what goes on in the labs? With a faltering economy and overpopulation, China is running out of time and options, and the new covid pandemic 2.0 may surely be the answer. As a whole, all industrial nations are finding that large populations are unmanageable nightmares, therefore the modus operandi for many developed nations is going to be a purge. Having huge populations does bring in good tax revenue, however this comes at the cost of managing an extended populace that every day could bring about complete chaos at the drop of a hat. The elite controllers are thus so overburdened and outnumbered, they are clearly worried. We are already seeing a manufactured cost of living crisis being pushed upon populations as another form of purge.

Arch enemy India will most probably be the initial target for the release of the pathogen 2.0 as will Europe and the USA further down the line. The PLA may roll into New Delhi and conquer India without a single shot being fired after the pandemic has done its bidding on the population of 1.393 billion.

China is viewed by the World Economic Forum and United Nations as the ideal model for global hegemony.

The post consumer society will be one where the elite will not need tax slaves anymore, especially as they have reached the technological heights they have been working on for so long by using consumers for decades. In the future, the elite will be served by AI as well as select humans who have been genetically modified from birth to serve without question. There will be no need to pretend that there is a democracy anymore as they are doing in many Western nations. The 2020 elections in America proved how elections were engineered to protect and promote a presidential candidate who is clinically deficient and afflicted with advanced dementia. The biased, corrupt elections prove that democratic and fair elections do not exist in places like the USA. There is of course talk of a Great Reset, but that will be for the few impoverished who survive the deluge. The Great Reset means, in cryptic terms, a time when the controllers have created a collectivist feudal system where the populace do not own any form of property or assets, especially as this will be a post consumerist society.

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