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Biden on Vacation: “Glad I’m Not in Buffalo or Texas Border”

ST. CROIX - U.S. Virgin Islands - Joe Biden is on vacation number 250 in less than two years, all the while America freezes and the borders are wide open.

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In two years, Joe Biden is on his 250th vacation, and he’s glad he’s not in freezing Buffalo, or the porous Texas border.

Holidaying in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, the beaches run for miles and the tropical climate is wonderful. Compare that to freezing parts of the US like Buffalo, where even the Niagara Falls have frozen over.

Permanent Vacation

“We’re having a great time here, Hunter came over with a group of six underage trafficked Russian prostitutes and plenty of crack, Ashley brought her diary, but this time stuck a chain on it, and I brought over one of my ‘Big Guy’ sacks of money I never received from one of Hunter’s dodgy deals. We’re so glad the FBI and media turn a blind eye and fully protect our Biden illegal activities,” Mr. Biden said from his taxpayer funded villa on the island.

As many people freeze to death in America and mass looting by ‘young people’ continues unabated in some states, it’s great to see Joe Biden having a great time in the sun.

“C’mon man! Gimme a break! Let the fuckers freeze. You think I fuckin’ care? Let them come over the border by the hundred thousand. They’ll vote Democrat! Now, ‘scuse me folks, I got a date with a sun lounger and some fuckin’ ice cream! Here’s to 2024 where the FBI/Facebook/Google will ensure another win for me! I’ll be 106!”

Joe Biden’s permanent vacation continues.

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