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China Encouraging Worldwide Travel During Covid Epidemic

BEIJING - China - During a massive Covid surge of infections across the country, infecting over 100 million, the CCP is encouraging citizens to travel the globe.

The Chinese Communist Politburo are encouraging the spread of possible new strains of the Covid pathogen so that the globe can be reinfected, thus propagating a new global pandemic.

Chinese Travel Ministry official Sum Ting Wong was jubilant about Chinese infected travellers spreading the pathogen worldwide.

Our hospitals are overwhelmed, people are piled up in corridors, and they are dropping dead in the streets, so what better time to open the doors to travel the world. Even our exported Christmas lights are infected with the possibly deadly virus.”

china tourists covid spread
Infected Chinese tourists are being encouraged to travel abroad to spread the deadly pathogen

Italy is a prime target for the Chinese, especially as they know the porous Schengen zone will allow the new deadly pathogen to spread through Europe quickly and efficiently, killing many of the infected.

“Italy is the Chinese virus’ gateway to Europe from China. It is imperative that as many of our tourists are allowed in to Italy so that more infections can occur,” a PLA chemical warfare specialist revealed on Thursday.

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