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Fast Spread of Monkeypox Similar to Spread of AIDS in 1980s

LONDON - England - There is a marked similarity to the demographic and fast spread of Monkeypox, and AIDS in the 1980s.

Hmm, What Does Bill Gates Know About the Next Pandemic That...

LONDON - England - Waiting at a bus stop, the subject of Bill Gates comes up in conversation with a stranger.

Welcome to the Gates of Hell – Communist Shanghai Under Lockdown

SHANGHAI - China - Citizens are locked up in massive tower blocks, unable to replenish their food supplies for weeks. Welcome to the gates of hell, run by the CCP.

Living With Covid? How About Fucking Dying With Covid Instead

LONDON - England - We are all supposed to be living with Covid, but are in fact dying of Covid. Wake up or carry on dying.

It’s All Over, the Covid Nightmare Ends, Nothing to See Here...

LONDON - England - Apparently the Covid pandemic is over according to the government and everyone is free to do as they please once again.

China Virus: Sri Lanka Out of Money, Turkey Inflation Nightmare, Pakistan...

LONDON - England - The China Virus is seeing a second wave effect of economic damage to many global nations, resulting in hyperinflation and ruined distribution routes.

Is a Classroom Not an Enclosed Space?

LONDON - England - The Boris administration has vowed to keep schools open as Omicron virus infections reach unprecedented levels.

Globalized Supply Chain Complexity and Other Variables

LONDON - England - Due to globalization, any single disruption in the supply chain can cause major problems for distribution.

How Did the Omicron Virus Appear Out of Nowhere?

BEIJING - China - Some scientists analysing the new Omicron virus have come to the conclusion that it is engineered.

There Was No Christmas Party at Number 10, Just a Tory...

LONDON - England - The Tory party has emphatically denied there was a Christmas party at last year's Tory party.

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