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Saturday, January 16, 2021
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New Covid Strain: “Whole Wards of Children in Hospital”

LONDON - England - Whole wards of some hospitals are now full of children suffering from the new Covid-19 strain, which affects young people as much as adults.

Imagine the Fear of a Child or Teacher Forced to Go...

LONDON - England - Children and teachers will be forced to go back to school after the Christmas holidays amid a second wave pandemic that is completely out of control in the UK.

New Covid Strain With 17 Mutations Could Have Originated in Denmark...

KENT - England - A new prominent Covid-19 strain has as many as 17 new mutations, and could have originated in Denmark mink farms.

Does New COVID Virus Strain Make Current Vaccine Useless?

KENT - England - A new COVID virus strain has been announced in South-East England. Could the new vaccine be useless now?

Bored in Permanent Lockdown? Play COVIDOPOLY for Hours of Family Fun...

BRISTOL - England - COVIDOPOLY is an innovative take on the famous property-based game, and is released by Home Leisure Direct for free.

Second Pandemic: Mystery Indian Eluru Flu Hospitalizes 400

ELURU - India - A mystery Eluru Flu virus that is baffling doctors has appeared hospitalizing 400 people in the region.

What About COVID-21, COVID-22 and COVID-23?

WUHAN - China - The COVID nightmare is not over as many people wrongly think, because there are guaranteed to be more strains and mutations of the current virus in the future.

Global Governments Need to Stop Thinking of Covid-19 ‘Waves’

LONDON - England - The Pandemic Research Centre reveals a brief analysis of the current Covid-19 virus global pandemic.

Largest Contact Tracing Scientific Study: Children in Schools are ‘Superspreaders’

LONDON - England - Children are key coronavirus superspreaders, the world's largest contact tracing study has discovered. Just 8% of cases were responsible for 60% of new Covid-19 infections.

The Joys of Modern Air Travel During the Pandemic

SAN JUAN - Puerto Rico - It is truly a joyous experience to travel in a commercial passenger jet during the Chinese Virus Pandemic.

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