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Fishy Rishi During Covid Pandemic: “Just Let People Die!”

LONDON - England - Fishy Rishi Sunak wanted to "just let people die" during the Covid Pandemic, it has been revealed at the Covid Enquiry.

Who knew it, Fishy Rishi is definitely not a people person, as the Covid Enquiry has revealed that he urged the government to “just let people die”. While Sunak was the Chancellor of Boris’ government, that was pretty much his sentiment, and many voters will now take those words to the polling office when the General Election comes.

The then PM, Boris Johnson’s chief adviser until November 2020, Dominic Cummings, told the October 25 Covid enquiry: “Rishi thinks just let people die and that’s OK.”

Naturally, Number 10 have refused to acknowledge if Rishi Sunak said such a thing.

At least when the next pandemic comes along, we will know what to expect.

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