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What Zero Carbon – Net Zero Targets Really Mean?

LONDON - England - We keep hearing these phrases Net Zero or Zero Carbon Emissions targets. What do they really mean? How will they be achieved?

You may have heard of Net Zero or Zero Carbon emission targets flouted by pretty much every G20 nation. What does this actually mean? Well, the concept is actually very simple, and despite the innocuous lingo used by politicians it generally means that you as a carbon lifeform and carbon waste producing individual should quietly disappear in the near future.

The Covid Pandemic lockdowns are a prime example of what zero carbon and Net Zero ideally should be. The streets are empty, the shops are closed and there are little or no vehicles on the roads. The factories are empty of humans, the parliament is empty, and the offices are all empty. For people in organisations like the World Economic Forum, the lockdowns were like a wet dream come true. The earth and nature could breathe for a brief moment without the little ants polluting and ripping everything up.


You as a carbon life form are invariably part of the problem for the elite establishment because you as a labour and tax model are soon to be made redundant as AI and robotics proliferate across the developed soon to be zero carbon world.

Robots and AI do not mess up the sewers with shit and soiled nappies, they do not need constant tea breaks or holidays, plus they can’t sue your business for any reason. Robots and AI do not need sleep, food or overtime pay. They do not create carbon emissions going back and forth to work every day, they are instead efficient workers with minimal or no maintenance and can do jobs much better than most humans.


The general populace used to be a great work horse for the elite controllers but now you as a carbon life form are all used up, you have passed the state of usefulness for many of the elite, and eventually you will be made redundant.

The educated rich are not breeding any more, it seems the only people breeding are the poor, and feckless, and this is a serious problem for many societies as the useless eaters are the ones increasing in numbers and the higher educated, affluent types are choosing not to have children. This is quite right of course because anyone with any intelligence would seriously not bring a child into this world in its current state, and its unfortunate inevitable future state.

The biggest question of course is how the elite controllers will whittle down the herd to create their Net Zero target? Culling the herd is a sensitive matter crucial for zero carbon targets, and it seems the controllers have their plans, and they do not wish to divert from this ultimate plan. It seems they are trying to make events look as natural as possible, with as much of a humane slant to the process achievable.

The pandemic, maybe a few wars, maybe another pandemic, cancer, excess deaths after the pandemic, who knows what unsavoury delights the controllers wish to unleash upon the once useful cash cow human carbon life forms? You see they have already reaped the profits off you a gazillion times, taxed you with taxes upon taxes, regulated you to a bare existence with insane restrictive regulations and laws, inhibited every part of your human freedom and yet you all still look up to the controllers for assistance when in reality, they just want you to pop your clogs and fucking die already.

Excess deaths are accelerating, and this is happening after the pandemic. Naturally, no one is talking about why this is happening and there are no answers from any government departments. The cause, whether it is vaccine related, covid related or whatever is irrelevant, the reality of the situation is that this is an actual phenomenon which is accelerating at an almost exponential rate seemingly under the radar. Certainly, no mainstream media is daring to even mention what is happening. One assumes they have been told to shut up about it or be shut down.

AlbedoBase_XL_Experience_the_ultimate_in_luxury_living_net zero

Working under the radar is the best way the controllers work, and they do not like it when people notice what they are doing. This is possibly why the Squib is not a publication that is favoured by the controllers, and there have been many attempts to shut us down. We, in reality, are not a foe to the elite because we are not doing this out of malice but out of seeing the truth as it is. In this respect, it should not be a crime to simply observe an action taking place and discuss it in a civil manner. The interesting part of course is that the controllers always publish what they are doing somewhere, in some book or magazine. They like to do this as a sign of their omnipotence and as a record of their actions.

Dear carbon human life form, dear human cattle, dear tax slaves, dear people of the masses, we at the Squib love you all, good and bad, but you have been divided for a very good reason. Unity, is a danger for the few, and is a good reason to divide your numbers. Now that the automation of your role is possible, you are now outdated, you will be replaced by programmed beings, and those who choose integration with the machines will supersede the human 1.0 model for the human-mecha 2.0 model. It’s all about the true meaning of Net Zero, innit?

Let us pray…

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