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British Robotics Company Engineered Arts are Global Pioneers

CORNWALL - England - Engineered Arts, a robotics company for entertainment, is so much more than that, and their amazing innovations should be acknowledged.

Robotics: Musk Unveils Tesla Bot

SILICON VALLEY - USA - Futurist, and billionaire entrepreneur, Elon Musk has unveiled the Tesla Bot to the world.

Fully Functional Robots On Cusp of Mass Production

SILICON VALLEY - USA - The exponential increase in technological progress is bringing forth a new age of mass consumer robots.

Hanson Robotics Sophia Close to Uncanny Valley Level?

LONDON - England - Sophia, the AI robot from Hanson Robotics could be getting close to the uncanny valley level.

Police Dilemma: How Do You Arrest Black Criminals Who Resist Arrest...

CHICAGO - USA - The problem of arresting black criminals who resist arrest without causing injury, or resulting race riots is a serious concern for police forces.

Coronavirus Pandemic: Many Businesses Speed Up AI Automation

LONDON - England - The coronavirus pandemic has seen a speeding up of automation in business models, utilising robotics and AI.

Coronavirus – Cui Bono – Who Benefits?

LONDON - England - Cui bono? Who benefits from this particularly well-timed coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak?

True Artificial Intelligence Should Not Be Programmed by Humans

SILICON VALLEY - USA - Humans should not directly program artificial intelligence systems or brains mainly because of unconscious and conscious bias.

Boston Dynamics Going From Strength to Strength

BOSTON - USA - The Daily Squib has been following Boston Dynamics, the robotics company for years, and we are truly astounded at the immense leaps in technological prowess this astounding company has achieved.

The Genius of Hiroshi Ishiguro

OSAKA - Japan - Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, is at the forefront of robotics and is pioneering the technological push towards a new epoch in humanity's evolution.

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