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Newly Unveiled Android Robot Can Make You Billions of Dollars

UTAH - USA - A newly unveiled robot by a Salt Lake City based company guarantees to make its owner a billionaire.

Man: “Latest Boston Dynamics Robots Scare the Shit Outta Me”

BOSTON - USA - The reaction to the latest robots from Boston Dynamics has been quite overwhelming for some people.

New Russian AI Android Robot Fuelled By Vodka

MOSCOW - Russia - Russian supreme president, Vladimir Putin, today unveiled a Russian artificial intelligence genius robot that is fuelled solely on vodka.

Sex Robot Prefers Washing Machine Over Human

SAN FRANCISCO - USA - Niles Baccarat, 45, purchased the sex robot from a premier robot dealer two months ago, but has had nothing but problems.

Espionage: Chinese Infiltration of U.S. Robotics All Encompassing

BEIJING - China - The Chinese military have blatantly stolen designs and plans from American weapons research facilities as well as DARPA.

Robotics Future is Almost Upon Us

BOSTON - USA - Thanks to Alphabet owned companies like Boston Dynamics, and Head of Engineering at Google, Ray Kurzweil, the Singularity will be achieved within the next few decades.

Latest Robotic Easter Egg Follows You Around and Can Explode

OSLO - Norway - Just when you thought it was safe to have some Easter egg fun, some robotics engineer has come up with a robotic Easter egg resembling a pod from the Alien movie, designed to creep along, change shape and follow you around.

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