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Newly Unveiled Android Robot Can Make You Billions of Dollars

UTAH - USA - A newly unveiled robot by a Salt Lake City based company guarantees to make its owner a billionaire.

Manufacturers of the newly unveiled robot called Amazos claim that it can make you billions of dollars in revenue per annum and grow a massive global business empire exponentially.

“All you do is give it a $1000 to start with. That’s it. You can now sit back and watch the magic as the robot’s entrepreneurial skills are put to full effect,” CEO Mulrone Etchington, told members of the audience at a recent talk in Salt Lake City, where the company is based.

Customers should also be aware however that riches don’t come instantaneously. Like any business, Amazos may take some time to build up the business infrastructure, to reinvest, and to expand.

“Our guarantee to you is that the Amazos android will make you into a billionaire in less than six years. Yes, you got that right. And not only that, this beautiful machine does not even need to take a piss, eat food, have sex, get grumpy, sleep or have a day off,” the CEO added.

The Amazos concept was patented in 2015. Mass manufacturing of the product will begin in 2023. There are still no plans to unveil the cost of owning one of these robots.

The intricate AI system leads Amazos to make key business decisions, innovate, invest, market, and is also ruthless with staff. Your robot will have the power to hire and fire human staff at the flick of a finger, as well as liaise with all business partners, distribution staff, managers, offshore accountants, and even deal with the press.

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