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OpenAI ‘Figure 01’ Robot Speech-to-Speech Reasoning

SILICON VALLEY - USA - The OpenAI 'Figure 01' robot displays its amazing abilities in a new video.

Slowly, we seem to be getting closer to robots everywhere. Actually, scratch that, the robots are here already and each day seems to bring forth further technological leaps that are altogether astounding yet a little terrifying. The OpenAI ‘Figure 01’ robot can now have full conversations with people exhibiting high-level visual and language intelligence (even stuttering words) and is operated via a neural network.

We are currently in the year 2024, and one can easily see the Kurzweil prophecy of the Singularity (computer-based intelligences significantly exceeding the sum total of human brainpower) coming true every day. Kurzweil predicted this phenomenal event occurring around the year 2045, and in some respects it could even happen earlier than his incredible predictions.

Robots will change the lives of humans in such a way that it will be akin to the introduction of the automobile. This will be a new epoch in human history, where AI assisted robots will be able to complete tasks better than humans and may eventually reach some form of sentience.

Not only are we witnessing a new robotic age, but we are in the midst of a transhumanist revolution, where Human 1.0 will possibly transition into Human 2.0.

The Elon Musk X brainchip is one strand of the evolutionary journey, as will be the introduction of nanobots into human bodies in the future. As artificial Intelligence expands its grip on all facets of business, industry, media and society, humans will have to also adapt.

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