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AI Software Engineers to Swarm the Market – Introducing Devin

SILICON VALLEY - Human software engineers may have just had their day, as AI software engineers sweep the market.


Either things are going to get a lot easier for software engineers who will use AI agents like Devin from Congnition-labs to work for their clients or conversely many will lose their jobs. Unfortunately, the answer will probably be the latter. AI Software Agents are now popping out of the Noosphere like worms from a ripe apple, and it is going to get really interesting for many.

Employers will now have no need to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on software engineers within their companies or search for freelancers, simply because of AI agents working around the clock for them. Maybe they will keep a few human software engineers around to oversee the work of the AI agents, but otherwise a lot of chaff is unfortunately going to have to go. Streamlining businesses and company operations is something that many board members salivate over, and one can imagine the board members collectively sighing with joy as the company’s productivity levels increase, along with new innovations and their running costs decrease.

AI has already come for artists with programs like Midjourney, Suno, Sora and Leonardo and is now also delving into video production, editing, creative film making. If you check out software like Suno, you can create hit songs in any genre or style in seconds. Midjourney is an amazing tool that effectively produces any work of art in any style, by any living or dead artist, and also produces videos of anything you want. Sora creates amazing AI creations from text to video.

The next software agent should be one that is a game developer, maybe something that can be integrated with or be a part of Unreal Engine or Unity, or Blender. Would it not be amazing for creatives to have the ability to visualise entire projects within one simple piece of AI developer agent, where you could chat to it in real time as it codes away in the background? No, maybe do this, or let’s try something slightly different there. If you have ever played one of those epic games on PC or console, once you finish it the credits start rolling, and rolling and rolling. That is how many people are involved in making games, but in the future, that entire list of thousands of staff could go down to single digits.

With AI agents, the onus will be in creating the perfect product, where the quality of the idea imputed will be the game changer. In all of this, quality must be the onus, and hopefully much of the mediocrity that is swimming around these days will disappear.

Let’s face it, swathes and cohorts of millions of people will be made redundant but at the end of the day, this is what is called progress.

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  1. Is this a joke website are u guys trying to kid me? its not working assh0les. Tek you’re fake news and go awey

  2. I know many devs and programmers who cannot find work anymore or were fired. It’s a bloodbath out there but it’s only just beginning.


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