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EU to Police Thoughtcrime by Deploying AI “Hate Speech” Scanners

ANTWERP - EU - All forms of speech in the European Union will soon be policed by AI "Hate Speech" software called CaLICO.

The definition of ‘hate speech’ is anything the controlling body who creates the rules does not like. What can be construed as permissible one day, can be interpreted as ‘hate speech’ another day, simply on the whim of the controllers. What you say one day can be okay, the next day however, you find yourself criminalised. As Juvenal said quite astutely “Who controls the controllers?” or in Latin “Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes”.

AI Big Brother EU Newspeak

The European Union is not known for its ‘democracy’ and is evolving into more totalitarian territory, with frankly scary plans to use an Antwerp based company’s AI advanced Large Language Model (LLM) called CaLICO. At least in George Orwell’s 1984 he envisaged rows of humans altering and checking the news and all communication. The EU no doubt gave this company, funnily named ‘Textgain‘, a huge sum of money to develop their AI monstrosity to police human speech and opinion, further destroying the last vestiges of free speech remaining. Of course, AI ‘never’ makes mistakes, and no doubt people will be criminalised and detained all because of some fucking out-of-control software programmed by woke Marxists, but that’s the EU for you in a nutshell. As is usual in a totalitarian regime policed by AI machines, say the wrong thing, and you will no doubt be unpersoned and taken to Room 101, where you will have a choice of either accepting the evil Stasi regime or be liquidated, all at the behest of an AI software programmed by the controlling woke Marxist totalitarian regime.

Thinkpol EU Directive 35465-8S

CEO Guy De Pauw: “Large language models, especially commercial ones, refuse to process toxic language. This makes it almost impossible to use them to process hate speech. We are now building a language model from scratch that can process this type of content — but without generating it. That’s what makes us different.”

Funded by the EU

Textgain recently received a strong boost as one of the four winners of the Large AI Grand Challenge, a prestigious competition for European AI developers in which 94 international companies participated. It won not only €250,000, but also two million hours of development time on a European supercomputer allowing for much faster new AI model training.

COO Redouan el Hamouchi: “In our digitalized world, there is a growing need for advanced tools to moderate content. Multilingualism is essential in this respect. We are pleased that we can train our application faster, so that it can handle different languages and cultures within the European Union.”

EU globalist International expansion plans

Textgain has great ambitions. The coming year will focus on the development of the AI ‘Hate Speech’ model, with a nominal value of several million euros. With a view towards international expansion, the company will then focus – from a vantage point as market leader – on the further development of SaaS applications.

“We have a unique position in the saturated market of AI providers,” says De Pauw: “Firstly, because we are developing our own language model, instead of building on existing AI models. This immediately positions us alongside major players such as OpenAI, Google, and Meta. We also distinguish ourselves through our academic approach. We work together with policymakers, security services, social organizations and scientists. Reliability and precision are important rather than generic solutions and unrealistic promises.”

Responsible and ethical Doublethink

Textgain remains committed to mapping social problems using AI technology. “The European Union has set strict standards,” says De Pauw.

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