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EU Running Out of Things to Regulate

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU is running out of things to regulate with its regulations directives, an unelected Eurocrat has revealed.

Death of the Internet: How Article 13 Will Affect You

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The death of the internet through new EU directive, Article 13, and Article 11, will affect you as an internet user or content creator.

Grand Tour Special: Clarkson to Drive Maserati With Speedometer Limited by...

MODENA - Italy - The days of seeing Jeremy Clarkson and the other two gits speeding around roads is over as a new EU directive will force manufacturers to install speed limiters into all road vehicles.

EU Energy Saving Directive Cladding Cause of Grenfell Tower Disaster

LONDON - England - Under the EU energy Saving directive, the UK is required to report to the European Commission on progress towards national energy efficiency targets each year.

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