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Remainers Hunt and Sunak Kill Off Brexit “Singapore on the Thames”

LONDON - England - Britain is under economic siege to turn public opinion against Brexit from Brussels. Singapore on the Thames is now just a dream.

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Brexiteers have been ousted from the Sunak cabinet and government, relegated to the nether regions of the backbenches. Jeremy Hunt, a vociferous nasty Remainer has been put in charge by Sunak, who is also a Remainer. The Bank of England is headed and run by Remainers. The Civil Service is populated by Remainers who actively thwarted any attempts to change things for the better during the Boris reign. What chance for Brexit or a supposed ” Singapore on the Thames” ever materialising under agents working for Brussels?

The vast economic power of the EU seeps through to embellish Britain’s economic malaise crushing the UK until its people turn in sentiment. A recent poll has even come up with the statistic that over half of the population think Brexit was a mistake. In Brussels they must be cheering that their efforts are working wonders to starve the Brits out.

This is a siege. Britain is not only having its economy and sovereignty killed off slowly by external measures, but agents on the Brussels payroll are now running the Tory in name only party.

Something has to give soon enough. We certainly are not getting any help from the pro-EU pro-China Biden administration or any of our other supposed allies.

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