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Whatever Happened to the World Cup Being About Football?

DOHA - Qatar - Activists preaching politics and cultural Marxism in sport should be forbidden. Keep sport free, keep football free, keep the World Cup free from politics.

People should be talking about the football, and not the latest woke agenda being force-fed down peoples’ throats. Where’s the fucking football?

Instead, we have woke activist BBC commentators, managers, and even players. All of them pushing divisive socialist far-left agendas against an Islamic state that frankly does not give two flying fucks about it all.

Get it through your thick heads morons, Islamic states who follow Sharia law do not condone buggery. It’s part of their religion, therefore you LGBTQP activists are being anti-Islamic by attacking the religious values of the Islamic religion. Do you understand that? It is akin to having the World Cup in Tel Aviv and pork activists descending on the place preaching about the virtues of eating pork. Do you think the Israelis would abide by that?

Where’s the bloody football? The World Cup should be about sport and football only, as should any other sport. By using these events as forums for socialist-activists or political ideologies of any kind is an affront to the spirit of the game, the spirit of sportsmanship, and it frankly ruins everything.

These activists preaching to everyone should be all fired, they are agents of activism who have infiltrated sport. They should never be allowed in the game ever again. FIFA needs to put its foot down once and for all and remove the whining preachy activist fuckers from the game forever.


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