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Meghan and Harry to be Honoured For ‘heroic’ Attacks Against Royal Family

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Meghan Markle and Harry are to be honoured for their active role in attacking the reputation of the British Royal family.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be honoured in a glittery American awards ceremony next month for their “heroic” constant attacks to completely ruin the reputation of the British Royal Family.

“We honour Meghan Markle and Harry for their constant press attacks and overt activism to ruin the British Royals. As Americans, this is why we came over on the Mayflower to escape that awful King George, so these two undermining and attacking the horrible royals is a real boost. The Queen died of a broken heart after being treated terribly by the treacherous Harry, who she adored. Prince Philip was also affected by the pair of private jet flying polluters, and died before his time in total despair. Harry and Meghan, we commend you on your attacks on the Firm resulting in two royal deaths. Well done. You are Irish American ‘heroes’ just for that. Hail the IRA,” Kerry Kennedy explained with gushing praise of the grifting couple.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be given the Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope Award on December 6, designed to laud the work of “exemplary leaders”.

Kerry Kennedy, who heads up the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation and is the niece of the late President John F. Kennedy, told media outlets: “They went to the oldest institution in UK history and because of Harry’s grudges, and Meghan’s vengeful nasty malicious lying attacks because she was not given preferential treatment for being a minor royal and her thirst for total supreme power was not fulfilled, they planned to come to America to milk us for money and celebrity status.

“Meghan planned the whole thing before she even forced Harry to marry her and was even plotting with her friend Doprah before her multi-million pound wedding paid for by the British taxpayer.

“As socialist Americans, we do not understand the idea of even having a British Royal family and how important it is to the UK. That’s why we commend the ‘heroic’ actions of Meghan and Harry to ruin the Royal family of Britain.”

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