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This Week Meghan Markle Wants to be a Politician

LOS ANGELES - USA - Meghan Markle has announced that this week she wants to be a politician. What does she want to be next week?

Life in Los Angeles Treating Harry, Meghan and Archie Well

LOS ANGELES - USA - Good news is filtering through from California that Harry, Meghan and Archie are doing great having settled into the good life.

Vulgar Harry and Meghan LA Mansion 15 Times the Size of...

HOLLYWOOD - USA - Harry and Meghan have moved to a vulgar ostentatious carbon footprint security nightmare mansion.

Civilian Harry Misses His Old Life and Regrets Listening to Meghan...

LOS ANGELES - USA - Former royal, Harry misses England and is seriously regretting moving to the Californian city.

Archehole: Harry and Meghan Reveal New Money Making Venture

LOS ANGELES - USA - Harry and Meghan have launched their latest business venture called: Archehole, during the global coronavirus pandemic.

Meghan Reveals Harry Suffers From ‘Post Traumatic Royal Disorder’

VANCOUVER - Canada - Meghan Markle reveals that poor Harry is suffering from Post Traumatic Royal Disorder, after returning from England.

Thomas Markle Bans Meghan and Harry From Using Markle Brand

ROSARITO - Mexico - After being banned by the Queen from using the 'Sussex Royal' brand for profit, Meghan's estranged dad, Thomas Markle has now done the same.

Daily Squib Office Ordered ‘Sussex Royal’ Toilet Brushes Weeks Ago –...

LONDON - England - The Queen has banned Harry and Meghan from using the 'Sussex Royal' brand to make millions by selling tat.

How Harry and Meghan Ruined Poor Archie’s Life

ONTARIO - Canada - One forgotten person in the Harry and Meghan fiasco, is their poor son who never had a say in being taken away from his royal Windsor family or country of birth.

Woman Successfully Turns Royal Prince into a Frog

ONTARIO - Canada - A woman has successfully turned a royal prince into a frog. This incredible feat was achieved with little or no effort.

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