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Harry and Meghan: When Bullies Speak Up About Bullying

LONDON - England - Bullies come in all shapes and sizes, and some even pretend to be virtuous whilst conducting their bullying.

Harry and Meghan, who are known bullies who bullied the poor frail Queen Elizabeth II in her last months of life, making her remaining time on earth a misery, are now lecturing the masses on cyberbullying and the effect it can have on mental health. There have been no thoughts to the incessant attacks on the Queen who was blackmailed and bullied by the couple for money, and the rest of the royal family members who had to endure threats and tell-all fabrications from the couple in books and television shows.

Speaking at the made-up conference, the hypocritical Harry and Meghan spoke about the dangers of bullying.

“The way that we bullied the late Queen, even stealing her beloved childhood nickname, certainly made her life a misery. We also bullied her and made ridiculous demands before and after we exited the royal family. The Queen was frail and old so we took advantage of that, plus she still had a soft spot for Harry, which we capitalised on. Listen, we needed the money, so we had to do it otherwise how could we live in a Montecito McMansion with 16 bathrooms and take private jet flights everywhere?” the evil termagant, Meghan Markle quipped.

It all did pay off for the hypocritical couple of grifters, as they secured a huge fortune which will ensure a life of luxury and excess in the Montecito neighbourhood.

Speeding the former Queen to her death was of course of no concern to the grifters who also have a dossier of bullying reports on palace staff which was shelved by the Queen, who thought her actions would halt the bullying but was wrong.

Even on her deathbed, Queen Elizabeth was besieged by Meghan Markle, who insisted she be invited to gloat over the Queen’s dying moments. Thankfully, this was halted by Charles, and the nasty Sussex bullies were denied access.

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