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Elon Musk to Lift X Ban on Neo-Nazi Leader But Daily Squib is Still Banned

SILICON VALLEY - USA - Elon Musk is to lift the ban on Neo-Nazi leader Nick Fuentes, but the Daily Squib is still banned from X.

Supposed “free speech” advocate Elon Musk is to lift the X Ban on deluded Mexican Neo-Nazi incel leader Nick Fuentes but satire site the Daily Squib is still banned on the platform.

DAILY SQUIB SHADOWBANNED TWITTER XThe Daily Squib was permanently shadowbanned by Twitter X and no specific reason was given for the banning. As a result of this unjust tyrannical action, none of our content is visible to X users on search, and our actual account is now hidden. Because our account has been locked away, many parasite copy-cats, who are not banned, are now using our brand name to gain followers for themselves.

It seems that groups like ISIS, HAMAS, the Taliban and Neo-Nazis like Fuentes are lauded over a satirical newspaper that simply writes satire. The Taliban have even been given a blue check mark by Musk, as will no doubt Fuentes.

Maybe Elon Musk and his staff do not even understand what satire is in their ignorance, and have no comprehension of irony or rhetoric, who knows what goes through their deranged minds? In their closed-off blinkered world, everything has to be literal and there is no room for comedy or satire.

Who would have thought, that the Daily Squib would be seen as more of a threat than ISIS, HAMAS, the Taliban and Neo-Nazis on Elon Musk’s “free speech” X?



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  1. Is there nothing anyone can do to help the Squib? This is a great site and I can’t see any reason why it is banned from X. IT’S PRETTY HARMLESS

  2. Why would you want someone or something that sees through all of your lies posting on your site? It would be counterproductive to them and that’s why you’re a viable threat.


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