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Ah, the Daily Squib’s Only Day Off – April Fool’s Day

LONDON - England - April 1st is traditionally our only day off in the entire year.

Feeling Anxious and Losing Sleep? You’re Not Alone. Science Says This...

LONDON - England - Feeling tired, anxious, cannot sleep? Well, there is an ancient cure that can help you regain some vigour and health back in your life.

When Satire Predicts the Future

GENEVA - Switzerland - Satire sometimes has an uncanny way of predicting the future.

The Daily Squib Accurately Predicted Lesbian Feminism in 2015

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib accurately predicted a 2021 movement of Lesbian Feminism in 2015, amongst many other accurate predictions.

I’ve Got a Little List, With Apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan

MARYLAND - USA - Submitted by distinguished Professor Richard E. Vatz, a satirical poetic look at today's political world.

First They Came for the Satirists, and I Did Not Speak...

LONDON - England - Amongst the mass censorship purge by leftwing monopoly tech companies, there are only a few voices speaking up -- the rest are silent.

Man is PARALYSED from the Waist Down Following Nonstop 20-Hours Reading...

JIAXING - China - A man in China lost sensation from the waist down after reading Daily Squib articles continuously for some 20 hours at an internet cafe last week.

The Intrinsic Difference Between Satire and ‘Fake News’

LONDON - England - The literary genre of satire has been mislabelled by the ignorant as 'fake news'. Nothing can be further from the truth.

End of Free Speech – Daily Squib Censored by Google Once...

LONDON - England - Today is a very sad day in internet freedom, free expression, art and satire as the Daily Squib is unjustifiably censored once again.

Satire Has Been Attacked For Thousands of Years So ‘Fake News’...

LONDON - England - Satire as a literary genre is once again under attack, however throughout its thousands of years, this is nothing new.

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