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The Daily Squib Book

LONDON - England - Are you tired of feeling joy and laughter in your life? The Daily Squib Book has got you covered! Our satirical articles will leave you feeling empty and emotionally drained, just like you always wanted!


Why waste your time on happiness when you can read satire instead?

Who needs positivity when you can read about the failing government, global crises, and the inevitable doom of humanity? The Daily Squib Book is the perfect choice for those who want to face the truth head-on!

Wake up from your happy-go-lucky world and enter a realm of cynicism and sarcasm.

Our articles will give you plenty to talk about, from absurd news stories to the darkest satirical commentary. Say goodbye to boring small talk and hello to controversial debates!

“To truly appreciate the Daily Squib book, one must possess the ability to suspend disbelief and embrace the absurd. By cultivating this intellectual flexibility, you become supremely adaptable, effortlessly navigating the twists and turns of life’s peculiar moments. While others struggle to comprehend the nonsensical, you maintain your superior composure, savouring the joy of finding humour and meaning in even the most baffling situations,” Professor Dean Pillok, George W Bush University, Kentucky, USA.

Tired of awkward silences? Let the Daily Squib Book guide your conversations!

Reading the Daily Squib Book will elevate you to a new level of intelligence and wit. You’ll be able to spout obscure references and clever quips, leaving those around you in awed silence. Don’t just read for entertainment, read for your own superiority!

“If you’re tired of conforming to societal norms, craving a unique sense of humour, and seeking superiority over those imprisoned by wokeness, the Daily Squib book is your dark satirical salvation. From mastering the art of superior wit to proudly flaunting your quirkiness, this satirical gem promises to elevate you to a realm of comedic and individualistic superiority. So, grab your copy, suspend your disbelief, and prepare for a wild and laughter-filled ride that will leave you questioning your sanity, but in the most delightful and superior way possible,” Don Rump, potato farmer from Yorkshire, England.


  Daily Squib Book

  DAILY SQUIB BOOK The Perfect Gift or can also be used as a doorstop. Grab a piece of internet political satire history encapsulating 15 years of satirical works. The Daily Squib Anthology REVIEWS: "The author sweats satire from every pore" | "Overall, I was surprised at the wit and inventedness of the Daily Squib Compendium. It's funny, laugh out loud funny" | "Would definitely recommend 10/10" | "This anthology serves up the choicest cuts from a 15-year reign at the top table of Internet lampoonery" | "Every time I pick it up I see something different which is a rarity in any book"
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