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Apparently the Daily Squib is in the Top 30 Feedspot.com Satire Sites

LONDON - England - Feedspot.com is a great site for RSS feeds of websites, and media contacts, oh, and the Daily Squib is included somewhere in all of that.

We are not one for charts, but we are here to promote Feedspot.com — a great place to add your RSS feed if you have a website delving into any niche subject or genre. We were informed of our inclusion on the list only today, by the lovely people at Feedspot.com.

Although some of the listings are questionable, for example: Snopes is on the list, but the parasitical scum Mikkelson who ran that awful website would not know satire if it slapped him on his fat bloated head. They are lauded as the holders of all truth, and in the past have even fact-checked blatant satirical articles written by the Daily Squib. What kind of fucking morons fact check satire, comedy or humour?

Still, it is heartening to see such a wide array of work on Feedspot. There are satire sites now even catering to the angry feminist agenda, so-called ‘satire’ sites for the woke and satire sites for nutjob Christian evangelists like the Babylon Bee. The woke will of course receive high rates of care from the likes of monopoly search engines who love anything that is watered down, soulless and empty.

The Squib, which does not adhere to any rules per se, somehow exists within this soup of inequity, we write what the fuck we want and if anyone does not like that, they can fuck off back to their safe space to suck on their dadmum’s non-milky non-binary hairy nipple.

Writing Juvenalian true satire or any form of commentary in these days of heavy Orwellian censorship and puritanical woke hypersensitivity is frankly a thankless job. Having to monitor and read news media for 24 hours a day is a terrible punishment, but it is our duty. We get little or no monetary compensation, we have no support from any conglomerate or anyone for that matter. Daily we are punished by the monopoly controllers of the search, and we are vilified as monsters by the social media Big Tech controllers who shadow-ban our profiles. Our brand of Juvenalian satire is today viewed as a crime simply because it reveals the bare truth of any given situation. The old adage, in a time of great deceit, telling the truth is a crime punishable by cancellation in an insidious putrid horrid world of cancel-culture and lies certainly applies.

Our only muse and allegiance lies in that of the satirical gods, and of course that certain Roman fellow 2,500 odd years ago — Decimus Junius Juvenalis.

“..difficile est saturam non scribere.”

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