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Why is Ukraine Not On Every Headline in the World?

LONDON - England - The world's media and governments do not care. Why is Ukraine not on every headline in newspapers, or media?

The shameful media have all but consigned the plight of Ukraine to a mere footnote in their publications. Why is this existential crisis being relegated to mere centimetres of attention, when the entire existence of Europe is now gravely at risk? It is not only the intransigence of the media to bring forth the seriousness of this crisis, but Western governments are caught in the headlights and seem genuinely apathetic to what happens next. Instead of bringing this Ukraine war to the fore, Western nations have dilly-dallied and passed the buck to something that will ensure the destruction of not only Europe but Western democracy.

4th Largest Natural Resources in World

The resources of Ukraine once gained by Russia will make it almost invincible, and yet there is little or no movement by either the USA, the EU, or the UK in this matter. Putin has now developed his national strategy to a war economy where nearly every resource is being spent on weaponry. The percent of GDP being spent on the Russian military is 8%, while the UK is 1.5%. In this respect, Britain would last two weeks in a conflict with Russia — maybe less. Successive governments, but mostly the so-called Conservatives, have caused the UK military defence force to become a mere empty shell, with only very basic levels of maintenance. This is a disgrace, and the Tories deserve to lose the election on this factor alone.

Ukraine resources wheat

Ukraine has vast deposits of critical minerals that are needed for everything from high-tech consumer goods like cell phones and hard drives, and necessary components in green technologies like wind turbines and other renewable energy applications. It is also the bread basket of the globe, where most of the wheat is farmed. Ukraine is also a potential critical mineral superpower, ranking fourth globally in terms of total assessed value of natural resources. Ukraine is home to 117 of the 120 most used minerals, with 97 identified minerals of high value across at least 8,700 surveyed deposits.

The media of the so-called free world is the penultimate leader in apathy, and obviously the existential crisis looming over Western civilisation does not hold as much weight as Britain’s Got Talent, or I’m a Celebrity awful fucking banal reality shows or the like. The people who supposedly run these newspapers or news stations should be ashamed of themselves instead of patting themselves on the back constantly.

Woke destabilisation and demoralisation

The Daily Squib has been urging a proper military conscription since 2015. Western governments have been caught up in useless woke issues that serve only to demoralise the population and subvert and fracture the entire social fabric of nations. Wokism is an import from the West’s enemies as a form of ideological subversion or active measures [meaning] psychological warfare… What it basically means is to change the perception of reality of every Westerner to such an extent that, despite the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interests of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country.

The conduit for this attack on the West is of course social media and the internet. The West’s enemies have successfully utilised the West’s own creations against them with spectacular effect. Through subversive propaganda, and millions of agents spreading disinformation through the West’s free channels of social media, Western populations have been successfully subverted along with their governments.


There is a valid reason why many billionaires are now retreating to their tracts of land in New Zealand, Hawaii, Peru and Bolivia. Larry Ellison, the co-founder of tech company Oracle, purchased almost all of the Hawaiian island Lanai. The billionaire Frank VanderSloot purchased a 2,000 acre ranch just south of Zuckerberg’s. Bill Gates has purchased land so extensive it could make up the country of Britain over 30 times. They know that there is no answer. Western apathy and intransigence is all too apparent, and the writing is on the wall already. The rest of the population who are not billionaires by now will now be consigned to the dustbin of history, collateral damage, as governments who were supposedly there to ensure their survival have lost the plot. Does Joe Biden know or care what is going on? No, is the simple answer, and it is his wonderful friend Obama whose reign started this entire debacle. Without Obama’s reign, the world would not be in such a fucking mess as it is today. He was more concerned with his homosexual crusade across America and the globe than Putin annexing the Crimea, and the EU’s expansionist push into Ukraine, which set the entire war off in the first place.

There is no answer, and it is too late. Even Klaus Schwab of the WEF knows that, and that’s why he retired and sneaked out through the back door recently. His disgraceful tenure has brought the globe to the brink of war, and he knows what he has done. It is a certainty that this was his job in the first place, along with the wholesale subversion and demoralisation of the Western population and fracturing of every society within the so-called ‘free world’.

Ukraine will soon be gone, and then the Balkan states, and then Europe.

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