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How Russia and China are Using Western Woke Mob to Destabilise Nations

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - People underestimate the amount of infiltration by Russia and China destabilising the West.

It’s great to have woke useful idiots working for you to destabilise and polarise entire nations in the West all for your benefit. This is what Russia and China have been doing for decades in the West, playing the long game to destabilise Western democracy and freedom of speech.

Antifa BLM Communists cancel culture china insurrection
ANTIFA BLM Marxist Communists controlled by Russia and China march

The key to destabilising entire nations is through the education system and certain agents within large institutions that command respect amongst the populations. Russian and Chinese destabilisation controllers know that it can take an entire generation, time wise, to demoralise a nation through indoctrination within the education system of any given Western nation.

We all know that Russia itself does not tolerate LGBTQP rights or freedom of speech, Metoo feminism or black racial issues, however their agents in the West feign support of these issues as a form of destabilisation to increase further polarisation and demoralisation in the West.

Soft Power

If you look at any university in the UK and USA, you will invariably find the Chinese Communist Party run Confucius Institute, which infiltrates educational establishments and indoctrinates students in Maoist communist doctrine. If one looks at any Hollywood film a little deeper than usual, you will find that 90% of films are financed by Chinese money either overtly or covertly. The Meg, and 2012 are good examples of Chinese money backing Hollywood, and if you watch the films themselves, you will see an underlying Chinese state theme within them. Streaming services like Netflix are also awash with woke indoctrination films and shows funded by China.

They are platforms for an authoritarian party that’s fundamentally hostile to liberal ideas like free speech and free inquiry to propagate a state-approved narrative.

And since the Communist Party of China doesn’t have a free press or rule of law to check its use of power, it’s no surprise there have been strong indications that CIs are used for inappropriate covert activities like intelligence gathering, and facilitating military research. SOURCE

Corporate wokeness is another form of destabilisation, with companies like NIKE who back the BLM movement. The main reason for them backing the woke agenda is monetary, due to cheap slave labour Chinese manufacturing and the majority of their sales going to black people in the West.

The advertising business is also guilty of indoctrination techniques to push down the throats of audiences the current woke talking point. With ad agencies awash with Chinese CCP money, they simply do what they are told as long as the money flows in to their accounts. Advertising executives and CEOs do not care about things like Chinese infiltration or demoralisation.

The West is awash with Russian and Chinese students, employees, agents and citizens. Not all of course are agents working to destabilise the West, but there are huge numbers embedded in institutions actively working to create maximum damage to Western interests.

marxist woke npc thoughtcrime social mediaWokism encapsulates many destabilising factors including: anti-freedom of speech, anti-democracy, mass censorship, cancel culture, anti-capitalism, strict political correctness, anti-art, anti-freedom of expression, soviet indoctrination, brainwashing techniques, cultural Marxism, and Soviet collectivism. In other words, if one puts communism and wokism together, there is no difference between the two ideologies.

The American socialist party have completely adopted wokism and the Biden administration has immense ties with China. The British Labour Party and Liberal Democrats are now overtly far-left woke communists. Many Big Tech all-controlling conglomerates are heavily involved with China and adopt woke control techniques on the internet, completely shutting it down of free speech and Western ideals. Liberalism used to mean a liberal accepting inclusive doctrine — today, it adopts soviet totalitarian authoritarian communist ideology.

By using the indoctrinated woke warriors in the West, Russia and China destabilise the West from within, and every time there is a BLM riot or LGBTQP outrage or Metoo manhunt the central control centres in Moscow and Beijing are cheering. Their work is done.


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