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China/Russia Planning Action in August

TAIPEI CITY - Taiwan - China will most probably move to invade what they deem is part of their country in August.


There is something in the wind. No, it’s not a fart, but something a lot worse — war. Russia and China are possibly planning something in August. This could either be a full-blown invasion of Taiwan by China, as well as a full-blown assault on the rest of Ukraine once the entire region of Donbas is cut off.

The Chinese Communist Party has been watching the Western sanctions closely and in anticipation of these sanctions, they have stockpiled over 60% of the globe’s grain reserves over the past year. Oil and gas is being acquired from Russia, which is also propping up Putin’s government.

Putin, despite losses in Ukraine, has stated that he is “only just getting started”. Russia has been sending in young conscripts with the dregs of the Russian arsenal. Testing the ground, seeing the Western reaction, and planning his next move with precision by feigning weakness.

Anyway, watch out for August. You may be on holiday if it happens, and we sincerely hope it does not happen, but keep an eye out for something to occur.

The danger we are in is the gravest, especially with a weak, impotent US Biden administration and the UK dumping Boris Johnson. Joe Biden, who has heavy ties with the CCP economically and ideologically, has been told to stand down when China moves on Taiwan.

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