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China Safari Tours Are Now Open For Hunting Season

SHANGHAI - China - Safari tours are now seen as a great sport and a lucrative business for the tourism industry.

How to Create Unrest: Give People Everything Then Take it All...

SHANGHAI - China - It's easy to create unrest in a population. Simply take away all their freedom.

Welcome to the Gates of Hell – Communist Shanghai Under Lockdown

SHANGHAI - China - Citizens are locked up in massive tower blocks, unable to replenish their food supplies for weeks. Welcome to the gates of hell, run by the CCP.

China’s Vast Appetite For Oil and Gas Suits Russia Just Fine

LONDON - England - Western sanctions on Russia will barely put a dent on the Russian economy, especially as its partner, China has such an appetite for oil.

China Winter Olympics: Western Athletes Warned They Could Have Organs Removed

BEIJING - China - The China Winter Olympics is currently being gripped by fear by the participating athletes.

Chinese Spy in Parliament: “I Wonton Nothing Wong!”

BEIJING - China - Apparently, the CCP hierarchy are all laughing at Britain's lax security regarding a Chinese spy who infiltrated parliament with ease.

New Year New Viral Strains to Look Forward to

BEIJING - China - The Omicron variant has proven to be extremely contagious. The new year may see a variant that is also more deadly and highly contagious together.

How Did the Omicron Virus Appear Out of Nowhere?

BEIJING - China - Some scientists analysing the new Omicron virus have come to the conclusion that it is engineered.

Daily Squib Knew Chinese Communist Party Exporting Internet Censorship Globally in...

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib knew the CCP was exporting internet censorship in 2018.

Idiots Surprised COPOUT26 Ends in Failure

GLASGOW - Scotland - Another useless COPOUT26 climate change conference has ended in abject failure. Is that a surprise to anyone?

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