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Hypocrisy of the West With China Threat

LONDON - England - The hypocrisy of the West when dealing with China is infuriating and a very sad sight to see.

It is no news that for the last two decades, an aggressive and authoritarian communist Chinese regime has plundered Western industrial and military intellectual property; hacked and acquired tonnes of data, flooded the West with evil drugs like Fentanyl, used the West as a cash cow, and used their economic strength to push their CCP agenda.

Parliament, universities and industry are full of Chinese agents working day in day out extracting crucial data to Beijing, and no one bats a fucking eyelid despite these people given free rides to do as they please.

The most recent hoo-ha is about Chinese hackers who extracted data from 40 million British voters by hacking the Electoral Commission. Whoah! Well done, there is actual outrage about this hacking incident, or is there?

The worst part about this entire farce is that despite China and the CCP working to undermine the West any way they can, economically the West relies on China to create their products. Western companies are completely in tune with China, and deal with them with no conscience or disdain as the Chinese regime conducts genocide, hacking, and theft of intellectual property daily.

The UK and US, as well as EU governments, are complicit in the economic growth of China as they build up their coffers so they can eventually attack us militarily. We are essentially funding China’s military might so they can eventually destroy us at a later date.

Instead of this faux outrage at the despicable hacking crimes of the Chinese, the real metre for action should be total economic closure between the West and China. All Western companies should be banned from engaging in commercial enterprises with China. In fact, Western governments should treat China like Iran and Russia, and introduce severe economic sanctions on the country.

Either Western governments completely cut off Beijing’s economic hold over the West, or they should simply shut the fuck up with their fake outrage over a few Chinese hackers.

Nothing is going to change because if the Chinese take away the use of their slave factories manufacturing cheap shit for Western companies to sell at a huge markup in Walmart or Asda, or wherever, then Western economies would almost certainly collapse.


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