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The Russians Sure Don’t Mess Around With Terrorist Interrogations

MOSCOW - Russia - One thing is certain, the Russians sure don't mess around with terrorist interrogations.

You have to hand it to the Russians, when dealing with terrorist interrogations they sure don’t mess around. Cutting off one terrorist’s ear and feeding it to him made him sing like a canary, and another terrorist was brutally subjected to genital electrocution (EEK!) to make him talk. There’s certainly no Geneva Convention involved in those scenarios.

However, the brutality of the actions of the terrorists at a Moscow concert where approximately 150 Russian civilians were murdered in cold blood by these idiots certainly begs for a more brutal approach when it comes to information retrieval.

Western agencies usually resort to waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and loud heavy metal music blasted at terrorists, which may or may not work although, if moved to a clandestine ops site offshore where the Geneva Convention is not valid, it is almost a certainty that other more effective solutions are deployed at information retrieval sites like for example, torture, Sodium Pentothal or other drugs.

All in all, the augurs do not bode well, ISIS are back, as we revealed in one of our previous articles. Some of the blame should be on Putin’s and the FSB’s heads, simply because they were warned of such an ISIS terrorist attack by the Americans a month before, but chose to ignore the warnings.

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  1. Russians are direct if they want something they just go and get it. If there is something in the way they destroy it.


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