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The Paradox of Socialists Championing Terrorist Group Hamas

LONDON - England - There is an ultimate paradox to the socialists and assorted Marxist left-wing groups championing terrorist group Hamas.

Hard leftist radical socialists are rife with paradox. Here they are championing a group of hardline Islamic terrorists who gladly put newborn babies into ovens and switch them to high after murdering the infant’s entire family in their quaint Kibbutz, yet they claim to be benevolent, egalitarian and empathetic. Terrorist group Hamas have committed unspeakable atrocities on other humans that defy any form of logic or understanding, yet Western radical Marxists love them. Even LGBTQP groups are singing the praises of Hamas despite the fact that if the members of these groups ever landed on Palestinian or any Arab territory, they would be beaten viciously in public, paraded through the streets, then either stoned to death or thrown from a tall building head first. The paradox continues with drag queens singing the praises of Hamas to young children in socialist schools, where the children sing back the same chants the drag queen on stage blurts out. On the ground in Palestine or any Arab nation, a transexual or drag queen would be effectively ripped apart piece by piece by rabid mobs for being an abomination to Islam, and ultimately humanity.

Much like Holocaust denial, the majority of pro-Hamas protestors do not even acknowledge that the October 7th attack on Israel by Hamas occurred.

So why do the socialist leftists pander to terrorist groups? Why do they sing ‘From the river to the sea’ which effectively means an entire race of humans should be wiped off the face of the earth by genocidal means? The answer in part is that these people are easily indoctrinated, they are easily manipulated by the media and propaganda that terror group Hamas has very successfully incorporated into the Western media apparatus. Hamas is also backed up by Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and Syria who utilise Western creations like social media to flood these pliable Marxists with intense levels of propaganda. Their modus operandi is of course to sow the seeds of discord and chaos in the West, and each day is a fruitful one for doing exactly that.

Russia, China and Iran Behind Pro-Palestine Pro-Hamas Protests

The other paradox of course is that in the USA, particularly socialist groups, are full of Jewish people, so what happens now that there is a big question mark upon their name by the same group that Jews traditionally champion? Either they become ‘self-hating Jews’ and champion the Hamas terrorist group that wants them wiped off the face of the earth, or they get the fuck out of dodge. They are now ostracised amongst the same group of socialists that they previously championed.

Speaking of paradoxes, now the same radical socialists have been heard chanting “Fuck Joe Biden!” in their Marxist-breeding halls and universities. One wonders what Joe Biden thinks about that if he had a single thought in his empty head?

One could easily postulate that the same socialists in the West have now somehow morphed into a form of nihilism, and are undergoing a fundamental existential shift in their political and moral state of ideological madness. It is hard to effectively tell, however, because the far-left socialists do not generally follow any logic.

One thing is for sure is that these pliant virtue signalling socialists are always looking for a cause to follow blindly and are so easily manipulated by various external entities that they are puppets in an altogether larger geopolitical game they will never understand or even want to ever understand.

The most absurd part of this entire imbroglio is that watching all of this nonsense are the Palestinian people in Gaza who have essentially been hijacked not only by the terrorist group Hamas but now by Western radical socialist groups, LGBTQP, and external intelligence agency propaganda operations sowing the seeds of discontent in the already fractured West.

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