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Russia, China and Iran Behind Pro-Palestine Pro-Hamas Protests

LOS ANGELES - USA - The West's enemies, Russia, China and Iran are also behind the pro-Hamas protests and riots.

Sowing discord amongst your enemies is an old and tested form of clandestine warfare that has been practised since time immemorial. The current pro-Palestine pro-Hamas protests and riots happening in America and soon to come to Russell universities in the UK are conduits for fomenting civil disorder, chaos, demoralisation and fracturing Western society further through the technique of ideological subversion. It is to be expected that foreign players are watching with glee as the riots and chaos develop.

Ideological subversion – Key Stages – Demoralisation

Demoralisation is a constant experience of inability to cope, with feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, meaninglessness, a subjective sense of incompetence, and low self-esteem.

Demoralisation is the first stage of ideological subversion, and it involves the systematic undermining of a society’s moral and ethical foundations. In the demoralisation phase, individuals are conditioned to question their own cultural identity, history, and societal norms. The emphasis is on creating a sense of instability and disorientation within the target population.


Once demoralisation has taken root, the next stage is destabilisation. This phase is characterised by the weakening of essential institutions and structures within the society.

This process can be expedited if foreign influence successfully manipulates the political, economic, and defence systems. Key sectors such as law enforcement, military, and intelligence are targeted to compromise the nation’s ability to respond to external and internal threats.

In the UK, for example, the police have become ideologically subverted and confused through external and internal manipulation and this is why they simply stand by while terrorist sympathisers and active agents on the ground verbally and violently abuse Jewish people at pro-Hamas rallies. The exact same theme applies to institutions like US/UK universities, where Hamas terrorist rhetoric and active terrorist ideology are allowed and encouraged to flourish without any institutional or police questioning.


The crisis phase of ideological subversion is the third stage. At this point, the targeted society is in a state of chaos, with increased tension and a breakdown of trust in institutions.

This crisis phase has the potential to manifest in various forms, such as political turmoil, economic collapse, or social unrest. The ultimate goal is to push the targeted society to breaking point where people are desperate for solutions, paving the way for radical change.

During the crisis phase, external forces may exploit the vulnerabilities within the society, offering alternative ideologies or solutions. This creates an opportunity for a shift in power dynamics and the imposition of foreign ideologies on the now susceptible population.


The final stage is normalisation, where the previously subverted ideology becomes the new norm. We can see examples of this with imported woke soviet ideology becoming accepted ideologically within Western society and within all institutions. Regarding terror group Hamas who have effectively hijacked and adopted the Palestinian flag, Western education institutions are in the process of now adopting terrorist ideology and normalising it. This final phase is not about a return to stability, but rather the establishment of a new societal order based on the foreign imported ideology. The once-targeted society is now reshaped according to the infiltrating force’s vision, erasing its original cultural identity and values. Normalisation solidifies the control of the foreign ideology, and the population may no longer resist as the altered reality becomes accepted and internalised. Marxist Wokism, for example, is now almost fully integrated into former Western culture, and is seen everywhere, from education, advertising through to government. Society is therefore transformed, and the process of ideological subversion is complete.

Demoralisation from within nations

Universities are the key to demoralisation of any nation because they are places where the so-called education of the next generation takes place. Students are utilised for indoctrination because they are extremely pliable to manipulation and propaganda. This is why they are a prime target for the purpose of demoralisation by enemies of the West.

Indoctrination through agents planted on campus, and the constant flood of anti-Western, anti-Israeli propaganda is endemic. The omnipresent spectre of tension is manipulated and coerced by pariah nations like Russia, Iran and China to cause discord and rioting that destabilises Western society from the core of its educational institutions.

The technique of indoctrination

The process of indoctrination occurs by clever placement and flooding of propaganda, as well as constant repetition. Through repetition of any slogan the protesters display their indoctrination levels, and within the protests, influencer agents will be working hard to build up the group’s emotional excitement levels regarding whatever subject they are indoctrinating the pliant crowd with. Many of the people who are indoctrinated will not know why they are chanting whatever they are told to chant by their controllers, but because they feel empowered by a group dynamic, they will continue on blind to the intricacies of actual global dynamics and who is manipulating them to protest.

Fracturing already severely damaged societies from within

By fracturing the society of your enemy through ideological subversion, the players involved are priming their target for instability and disunion. What better state than complete chaos and disharmony would you want your enemy to be before any planned war? The West is thus ripe for the picking when it comes to causing disarray and insurrection. If you can cause your enemy to crumble internally first before you walk in and clean up then you have achieved and completed the majority of your objective, and this is what China, Russia and Iran are counting on by inciting the pro-Hamas protests and riots.

Intelligence agencies within the West will now have a huge task on their hands in trying to counteract this form of external manipulation, as well as noting down the names and identities of each and every student/professor who has been manipulated by outside enemies for the purposes of ideological subversion demoralisation and agitation. The only bonus to this entire sordid process is that agencies will know the names and identities of more people within our borders who are anti-Western agitators and threats.

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